Prior To Bonneville Pictures

527 on the trailer.jpg

Back end and CBob.jpg

Load up and take off.jpg

Prepare to start the long journey.jpg

Side and CBob.jpg

Two Jims ready to travel.jpg

carly tracing letters.jpg

fitting motor in place.jpg

front end.jpg

fuel injectors.jpg

into the sun.jpg

jim behind truck.jpg

jim dana zippy.jpg

jim kneeling with zippy.jpg

jim side truck 5.jpg

left front.jpg

left rear.jpg

right front, top view.jpg

right rear 2.jpg

right rear.jpg

right side, top view.jpg

right side.jpg

side front 1.jpg

side view 1.jpg

side view 2.jpg

spectators from across the road.jpg

zippy gaurding truck.jpg