Thursday Bonneville Pictures

01 1987 Pontiac Trans Am with 1970 Chevy 355.jpg

02 Hot Afternoon at the Start Line.jpg

03 Bill is ready to run the Class B engine.jpg

04 Steve tells Bill it is a DRY heat.jpg

05 Sex Change - 527A becomes 1527B.jpg

06 This is a stickup - give me all your sponsor money.jpg

07 Just prior to the scattering of cycle parts.jpg

08 The Heat is ON.jpg

09 We're Ready to Go.jpg

10 This doesn't look like Texas.jpg

11 It's your turn Dude.jpg

12 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider with 1974 AR 2000cc.jpg

13 Think you really get to go now.jpg

14 Ready to start.jpg

15 Steve pushes a GO.jpg

16 Bill ran a 131 mph.jpg

17 Now it's Birthday Boy LeVack's turn.jpg

18 Jim LeVack is Ready.jpg

19 LeVack suits up.jpg

20 The A engine sits this one out.jpg

21 Cool way to start the bike.jpg

22 Steve gets LeVack ready.jpg

23 And now for the gloves.jpg

24 The Salt Veteran.jpg

25 More Advice.jpg

26 The infamous Bill Taylor.jpg

27 A shot of the race path.jpg

29 Moments before engine blows.jpg

30 Tatoo Woman.jpg