Dana came up with the following Top Ten lists

following her first trip to the Salt Flats….



Top Ten Things You Will NEVER Hear at Bonneville


10.       Great haircut!


9.         But we had sandwiches yesterday.


8.         Didn't white belts and white shoes go out of style?


7.         My Perrier has lost its bubbles.


6.         Wow! What a killer sound system!


5.         I'll have the veggie burger with a side of rosemary couscous.


4.         That cute round thing broke off that hat-looking thing and then it wouldn't go.


3.         We painted the top skin "naughty mauve" and the bottom "misty lilac".


2.         It's back to the pits -- We didn't pass the emissions test.


And the #1 thing you will NEVER hear at Bonneville....


1.         What's Viagra?




Top Ten Things You WILL Hear at Bonneville


10.       Save the Salt.


9.         Sounds like it's runnin' a little lean.


8.         Must have been a rod bolt.


7.         Let the rods be the governor.


6.         Any toilet paper left?


5.         Salt Talks was fun.


4.         We really need to get the engine "dialed in".


3.         We had some trouble on our last run and were wondering if we could borrow your engine hoist, welder, compressor, generator...are you using that canopy?


2.         You gonna eat that?


And the #1 thing you WILL hear at Bonneville....


1.         I love the smell of fuel in Impound in the morning.  Smells like Victory.