001 Bernie and Cecil.jpg

002 State Line Sign.jpg

003 Blown Avanti Engine.jpg

004 Dave Bloomberg aka Avanti Kid - Record at 198mph.jpg

005 Black Opel Racing's E-GMS.jpg

006 Black Opel's OHC Pontiac Straight Six (128mph).jpg

007 Burke Bros B-BMS w 438cid Chevy was RX-7.jpg

008 Moore and Stansbury AA-GMS Set Record at 249.jpg

009 Scotty's Lakester A-BFL Used a Hemi.jpg

010 The Wombat 8 XF-PP Set Record at 82mph.jpg

011 Scotty's lakester Managed 242 mph.jpg

012 Buell Bros No45 and 2000cc Fatbook Flyer No691.jpg

013 Ratliff Racing's D-GR 29 Ford w 300cid DeSoto.jpg

014 Kuntz, Jackson, Lindley's Truck Set Record at 180mph.jpg

015 Nice Paint on the D-MMP truck.jpg

016 Clean Paint on the Unknown Roadster.jpg

017 Poor Guys Had to Use Old Car to Tow the 1034 car.jpg

018 Caster-Griffith-Orr No 1971 Camaro - Engine Detail.jpg

019 G-BFMS 2liter Alfa No2014 Set Record at 203mph .jpg

020 She Bad Too C-GCC Ran 194mph.jpg

021 Unknown Modified Sports.jpg

022 Old Volks Home H-BGALT ran 127mph.jpg

023 Do You Think His Sock Drawer is Organized.jpg

024 Dana Examines Tubby Racing.jpg

025 Tubby Racing's Hudson.jpg

026 Tubby Ran a 123 w a Mercury Flathead.jpg

027 Unknown Blown Roadster.jpg

028 Pink Corvette was 80 percent Hood Scoop.jpg

029 Road Warrior B-GMS Ran 186mph.jpg

030 Face Into the Wind at 180 plus.jpg

031 Lindstrom Bros A-GCC Ran Over 214.jpg

032 Clean Little Roadster.jpg

033 Bonner's Bad Berkley AA-BMS Set Record at 254mph.jpg

034 You Would Think Bonner Wants to be Able to Stop.jpg

035 Goofy Trike Interior.jpg

036 A Red Clown Nose on top of a Harley Motor.jpg

037 It Would Look Swoopy Without That Goofy Motor up Front.jpg

038 The Honda Civic CVCC Lives On.jpg

039 Wirt Racing's G-GMS Ran 90mph.jpg

040 Cool Ride.jpg

041 A Spectator's Ride.jpg

042 Henry Would be Proud.jpg

043 Lined up on the Short Course.jpg

044 MRJ Racing XO-PP Bumped Their Record 1mph to 131.jpg

045 Keepin Cool in Line.jpg

046 Movin on Up.jpg

047 Mayfield Racing Set C-GALT Record at 179mph.jpg

048 Another Cool Ride.jpg

049 Jim Shows He Can Count to Two.jpg

050 All Dressed Up and Ready to Go.jpg

051 The Winger K-GL Managed to Run 94mph on 500cc.jpg

052 Wouldn't Ya Know There'd Be a Civic in the Way.jpg

053 Cunningham and York's XO-GR ran 134mph.jpg

054 It's Almost Our Turn.jpg

055 At Least We're at the Front of the Line.jpg

056 No 257 Ready to Go.jpg

057 Final Adjustments.jpg

058 The Roadster is Clear.jpg

059 Send Down the Sidecar.jpg

060 Sidecar Bike Heads Down the Line.jpg

061 Finally it's Our Turn.jpg

062 Hey - We Made to Impound on a 175.879.jpg

063 Change the Oil and Check the Tires.jpg

064 The Dodge Daytona Made it to Impound.jpg

065 Bernie, Dana, Jim LeVack, Jim Webb, Jim Webb.jpg

066 Glenn Ridlen IS the Definition of Good Clean Fun.jpg

067 The Crew - Webb, LeVack, Brown, Webb, Ridlen + Gr.jpg

068 A Surprise Visit by Mr Impound, Dan Warner.jpg

069 LeVack, Brown, Webb, Ridlen Henderson, and Grimes.jpg

070 Dana Finds a New Use for Ear Protection.jpg

071 Not Much Better Than a Motorized 6-Wheeled Shady W.jpg

072 A Real Clean Street Roadster.jpg

073 ADEEOS from the Rear.jpg

074 ADEEOS Interior.jpg

075 This is Bonneville.jpg

076 This B-CGC Rookie Ran a 182.jpg

077 Another Spectator's Cool Ride.jpg

078 Miller and Gereau's C-STR Ran 198 on Wednesday.jpg

079 The Second Neatest Street Car on the Salt - 54 Studebaker.jpg

080 Another View of The '54 Stude.jpg

081 The Place Was Full of Old Cars.jpg