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2010 Salt Flats

Prep, Pack and Leave

Nugget Car Show

Our Pit

Around the Pits

On the Salt

Around Wendover
August Dyno Report
August Run Video

AA Class Record
We made it to Impound after the first run in August, but after inspection found that we blew a head gasket, so racing was over, so we got in a lot of good visiting.

We went back in October and this time the truck exited at over 214 mph.  The average of the two runs brought us a new record of
 213.490 mph!

On the Salt

Various Vehicles


Home and Clean-up

Timing Slip #1

Timing Slip #2
October 1st Run Video
October 2nd Run Video
The People

Bernie Brown

Carl Henderson

Carl Benton

Dave Lelsz

John Burk

Jim Webb

Dana Webb

Bill Grimes

Judy Grimes

Steve Kann